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It’s not just a building, it’s a tale of profit and loss, shareholder returns, occupancy rates and operating and capital expenditure; a complex network of facts detailing how your investment is performing.

It’s all important information that can also offer clues to another valuable perspective – how to make your investment offer an even better return.


We’re experts at unearthing pockets of value and efficiency that find the right balance between profitability and performance. From reviewing your asset strategy to conducting due diligence and audit and managing the implementation of the complex upgrades or technical due diligence – we keep a close eye on your assets so that you don’t have to.  

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Investors want consistent returns from their assets and that means creating enough diversity in your portfolio to reduce the ripple effects of downturns, but also capitalising on high-performing sectors.


Your job is to keep your investment mix poised to ride the highs and sit out the lows, our job is to make sure that whatever component of your portfolio is locked into physical structures is performing to an exceptional standard.


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Keeping properties looking smart and running well can be a low priority when occupancy rates are high. Maintenance schedules slip a little and planned fit outs or renovations don’t seem so necessary. There are other things to spend money on in a buoyant market, we get it.


On the other hand, when times are tougher and tenants are re-evaluating just how close to the CBD they need to be or they’re downsizing their operations, it can be tempting to kick those idling schedules into high gear, potentially over-capitalising your asset’s long-term value.


Nutbrook Group can help you get the mix right. We’re specialists at hunting down the right value in your asset and keeping critical infrastructure running smoothly.


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Securing the right purchase price on a commercial property is a necessary consideration to safeguarding its value. Another is the shape it’s in.


Any capital growth you’ve gained during sale negotiations could be quickly eroded by poorly maintained infrastructure or expiring maintenance contracts about to jump to a new and elevated market rate.


Due diligence is a passion of ours and we know how to find out exactly what shape a building is in to make it a star performer in your investment portfolio.

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We’re not content to let our clients simply kick the tyres on their property occasionally to check if it’s still running smoothly. We like to pull the engine out and look at it from every angle, stress testing weak spots and making the smart improvements to get the best value out of their investment.


We’ll look after your building and keep it profitable.


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Our business is to be of service to you and we believe service starts with flexibility. When you work with Nutbrook you choose when you need us – at the beginning, the middle, the end or for the whole project.

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