We are specialist property engineers

We sharpen the way a building operates, improving its sustainability, appearance and finding then fixing its flaws.

Our team brings an innovative and integrated approach to each engineering project, providing a deep understanding of building sites and services which allows us to add value throughout the entire project, or at any single stage along the way.

We maintain the balance between meeting the technical engineering requirements that keep people safe and the lights on and supporting our clients’ business ambitions.

This comprehensive approach saves our clients time and money while maintaining a single, consistent point of contact.

After years spent working for global property management companies across Asia Pacific, Nutbrook Group’s founder and Managing Director Neil Shepherd launched Nutbrook Engineering Group as a solo endeavour.

In just over 10 years, this proudly Australian company has grown with offices in Sydney (our head office), Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team of technical experts are highly regarded in the industry and passionate about what they do.

We bring an innovative and integrated approach to each engineering project. Our deep understanding of building sites and services allows us to add value throughout the entire project, or at any single stage along the way. Our comprehensive solutions save our clients time and money while maintaining a single, consistent point of contact.

Why the name, Nutbrook?

The inspiration for the name Nutbrook came from a sturdy 74ft steel vessel known on England’s extensive canal network as ‘Nutbrook 67’. It was designed and its build overseen by Neil’s father, Paul, a stickler for detailed design, thorough preparation and quality workmanship. While contemplating the kind of values his engineering business would stand for, Founder and Managing Director Neil Shepherd took inspiration from his parents’ canal boat.

Today, Nutbrook Group embodies all those qualities that have given the ‘Good Ship Lollypop’, as Neil calls it, its strength and endurance – all the attributes you need in a long-term business partner.

We stand by our commitment to delivering honest, quality results.

Nutbrook Group is certified as an ISO (International Standardisation for Organisations) provider of quality management systems (ISO9001) and Work & Health Safety measures (ISO45001).

We are accountable to global standards when it comes to the health and well-being of our people and the quality of work we bring to our clients.

The WH&S processes and procedures we have in place ensure we are doing all we can to manage and prevent work-related injuries and ill health. They also allow us to proactively improve our performance as international measures change over time.

We bring a sensible, objective and practical approach to everything we do. In doing so, we dot our I’s and cross our T’s – bringing safety in design, and excellent outcomes.

How do we differ from others in the industry? We’re glad you asked.

In a nutshell it’s our size, the seamlessness of our services and our team’s experience, passion and commitment to quality.

Our size

We are small enough to be agile; large enough to manage challenging projects.

We know our clients by name and we’ve formed strong working relationships with each of them over time. We know their buildings, and we know their vision. The strength of these relationships is reflected in the fact that 80% of new business is through repeat clients.


We offer a full range of end-to-end services. Our business is deliberately structured to allow our clients total flexibility in the way they work with us – whether it’s for a specific service only, or in seeing their project through from planning to completion.

Our team works seamlessly, connecting on all our clients’ requirements and expectations so nothing falls through the gaps:

  • Consulting: Helping our clients understand their building and how it performs, planning for the life cycle of the site and bringing innovative solutions to potential challenges.
  • Design: Creating the best solution without compromising safety, efficiency or durability – all the while ensuring it meets the requirements of the client and any tenants alike.
  • Project management: Delivering projects with impeccable planning and attention to detail, and a constant awareness of our client’s strategic goal.
  • Sustainability: Supporting clients in their ESG goals by ensuring each building is operating efficiently while being environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our clients

Our clients, our focus