What we do

We pride ourselves on our ability to add value at every stage of the property cycle.

With backgrounds in facilities operations, engineering and project delivery our team identifies opportunities at every project stage that reduces long term maintenance implications and operating costs.

Underpinning each of our consulting services is a clear view on quality and safety. We know that any perceived value a building holds can be destroyed if appropriate steps aren’t taken to keep people safe, and that means delivering a quality result.

We can help with:

  • Acquisitions or sales

    Helping you make informed decisions through comprehensive due diligence to confirm asset value, capital requirements, risk and earnings capability.

  • Planning

    Ensuring your project’s feasibility and planning is comprehensive and accurate.

  • Design

    Taking a holistic approach to the design stage, reducing operating costs throughout a building’s life.

  • Build

    We manage each phase, anticipating and resolving key issues early in the project.

  • Commissioning

    Giving you comfort that all building systems are performing at their peak.

  • Operations

    Delivering a level of value that continues throughout your property’s lifecycle.