What do you need? Sustainability awards, bright green balance sheets, delighted employees and shareholders? Nutbrook Group can help you achieve it all.


Industry leaders know when an objective opinion is needed to develop the right strategy and Nutbrook Group is the impartial sounding board many property companies rely on.


We operate independently to vendors and suppliers to make sure our advice is unbiased and based on the best solution for our clients.

Renewable energy assessments  / /  Energy auditing / /  NABERS assessments / /  Green Star assessments  / /  Lighting assessments / /  BASIX assessments/ /  Section J assessments / /  NATHERS assessments / /  Data centre audits / /  Life cycle analysis / /  CAPEX and OPEX management  


Good design doesn’t just look good, it works.


From data centres to corporate fit outs or plant upgrades, we have the technical knowledge and experience to design spaces that not only meet your exacting specifications but do exactly what you need them to do.

Building services design – mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, fire, audio visual  / /  Feasibility studies  / /  Engineering advisory  / /  Design peer review  / /  Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA)  / /  Witness testing / /  Asset and site due diligence / /  Technical reports  


Sticking to deadline and budget aren’t the only priorities to meet during highly technical and complex projects.


Our specialised engineers offer an extra layer of certainty to any project by anticipating potential technical or regulatory issues before and during your build, and adapting plans accordingly to protect that all important schedule as well as your bottom-line.

Construction management  / /  EPCM  / /  Design management  / /  Design and estimate development  / /  Authority approvals  / /  Quality and cost management / /  Project reporting  / /  Planning and scheduling  / /  Technical supervision

specialised support at any and every stage

Nutbrook group have the necessary skills and experience to assist a wide range of property owners in making informed investment decisions. We provide independent, unbiased advice including technical due diligence reporting, lifecycle analysis, capital and operational expenditure management, strategic asset planning and identifying sustainability opportunities. Basically everything you need to ensure your next acquisition is as informed as it can be, reducing risk and giving you greater visibility over your asset.

relevant services:

Technical Due Diligence, Life Cycle Analysis, Capital and Operational Expenditure Management, Strategic Asset Planning, Sustainability Advisory

We believe that for a project to be successful the planning and feasibility stages are of the utmost importance. Our engineers invest time upfront to ensure that all available options are considered and discussed with the client resulting in superior project outcomes and smoother delivery. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach which provides our clients with highly accurate cost plans and peace of mind that each project stage is given due consideration.

relevant services:

Feasibility Studies, Authority Approvals, Cost Planning, Procurement, Programming

Good engineering design is key to any project. At Nutbrook we take the view that services designs shouldn’t be undertaken in silos but require an integrated approach to ensure the owner, occupier and the environment all benefit from efficient but also forward thinking solutions. Several of our team members come from strong asset and facilities management backgrounds, the benefit of which is that we take a holistic view of the asset at the design stage ensuring operating costs are reduced through the lifecycle of the asset.

relevant services:

Building Services Design, Mechanical Services, Electrical Services, Fire Services, Hydraulic Services, Engineering Advisory, Design Peer Reviews

This is where it all comes together. We’ve undertaken a detailed feasibility, thoroughly planned the project, have an efficient, sustainable and commercial viable design and our focus is now on making this a reality. The key to ensuring the build phase of any project runs smoothly is having clear vision and communication with all stakeholders and our integrated approach allows us to control each phase and deliver projects “end to end” in a more time efficient manner than traditional models with the added advantage of anticipating and resolving key issues early in the project whilst maintaining one point of contact with the client.

relevant services:

Project Management, Construction Management, Design Management, Quality Management, Project Reporting

You’ve invested time and money in adding value to your asset and you want it to work as efficiently as possible. The commissioning stage of your project is as important, if not more, than any other and is instrumental in giving you the comfort you need in knowing that all the building systems are performing at their peak. Effective commissioning management is a key tool in reducing operational risks and therefore costs throughout ownership of the asset and our expertise in this area is invaluable to the success of your project.

relevant services:

Commissioning Management, Witness Testing, Technical Reports

The long term impact on asset operations is an element that is often overlooked when designing and delivering projects but not for us, we understand the importance of ensuring projects deliver value to your asset not only for the duration of the project but throughout the entire lifecycle. With backgrounds in facilities operations, engineering and project delivery our engineers have the experience to identify opportunities at each and every project stage to minimise the long term maintenance implications and reduce operating costs.

relevant services:

Contract Reviews, Contract Management, FMA Audits, Energy Auditing. NABERS Ratings

our difference

Nutbrook Group was formed to provide clients with an innovative and integrated approach to engineering projects. This niche market positioning challenges the traditional industry models and places Nutbrook Group at the centre of the building consulting, design engineering and project engineering sphere which results in a more informed and coordinated approach across building services from inception through to completion. Our in depth understanding of the entire process means that we can add value to the whole or part of any project as required and saves our clients time and money whilst maintaining a singular point of contact.

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