29 July

What I’ve learnt over 11 years as a small business owner

Our business celebrates 11 years of operations in October. It’s quite a milestone and it has me reflecting on how far we’ve come since 2011.

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22 February

Double the commitment to quality

Nutbrook Group has always taken our accountability to safety in design seriously. So much so that we’ve just raised the bar..

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1 September

Hello Nutbrook QLD; welcome onboard to Cliff Jones

We are delighted to announce the official opening of Nutbrook QLD, with a great team joining us in the new office in Brisbane.

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15 November

Nutbrook Group achieves ISO9001 certification

The team at Nutbrook Engineering Group has proudly achieved ISO9001 certification for the development of its Quality Management System (QMS), outlining company policies and procedures. While Nutbrook Group established its own QMS long ago, putting the system under the International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO) microscope allowed the team to take a fresh look at their…

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