Main switchboard upgrade

Nutbrook Group carried out a feasibility and condition assessment of the electrical infrastructure of this Dexus site for a proposed upgrade of its Main Switch Board (MSB).

There were opportunities to replace an end of life item and upgrade others. Acting quickly to correct these challenges, Dexus asked us to create a detailed design for upgrading the MSB and associated mechanical and fire services in the main switch room.

This involved:

  • Upgrading the MSB (which was at end of life) and upgrading fire service for the main switch room.
  • Introducing current technology circuit protection to the building.
  • Adding private monitoring for multi-services to capture energy consumption across the site.
  • Upgrading selected end of life house distribution boards to comply with current safety standards.
  • Adding new energy efficient LED lighting and improving emergency lighting.
  • New mechanical ventilation system for the MSB room and removal of redundant equipment.
  • Implementing staging methodology to reduce the downtime of normal supply to the building.
  • Upgrading the end of life chamber substation including adding new transformers and low voltage switchgear