Peer review

Design and construction review

  • Independent review of all design and construction (IFC) documentation.
  • Technical expertise on multiple engineering and design disciplines.
  • Significant savings and improvements.

Project overview

151 Property engaged Nutbrook Group to conduct a peer review of the design and construction documentation for its build to rent development known as Caulfield Village.

The site is being constructed in conjunction with Reshape Developments, Beck Property Group, Probuild and their sub-consultants and sub-contractors. It will house 1,500 apartments and numerous specialty retail outlets.

151 Property will operate the site post completion. They wanted an independent review of the design and construction of the facility to monitor their interest and provide commentary on its ongoing operation and compliance to the agreed project brief.

Our approach

Our review of Precinct 2 North of the Village encompassed over 430 built-torent apartments and numersou specialty retail outlets.

This included all engineering services plant and equipment, requiring a multi-disciplined engineering services approach.

We worked closely with a range of stakeholders, offering operational insights from our technical engineering experts across the disciplines of:

  • Mechanical (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke controls systems, pumps, fans, mechanical switchboards and controls).
  • Electrical (main switchboards, authority and embedded metering, distribution boards, electric vehicle charging, security and access control, CCTV, embedded communications network, supplies to plant and equipment, lighting and controls and solar PV).
  • Fire (tanks, pumps, hydrants, hose reels, sprinklers and detection).
  • Hydraulic (hot and cold water, sewer, stormwater, rainwater, pumps and tanks).
  • Vertical transportation via sub‑consultant (escalators and lifts).

To comprehensively review such a large site, we undertook the reviews in stages according to key milestones:

  • A review of the project brief to identify any inconsistencies or gaps.
  • The consultant documentation phase, reviewing services reports and checking the design documentation for compliance with the design brief and previous peer review comments.
  • The contractor design development phase , reviewing the IFC documentation, shop drawings and associated calculations, reports, checking maintainability, access, ease of operation and compliance to the brief and previous Phase 1 review comments.
  • Construction and DLP reviews, conducted once 70% of the plant is installed and checked for compliance.

The benefits

Our advice has:

  • Highlighted any potential issues with the brief or the design stages for early resolution.
  • Ensured design calculations, documentation and reporting were appropriately completed and co-ordinated among all designers and contractors.
  • Provided opportunities for greater savings and operational value.
  • Minimised the potential for issues and defects occurring in the first 2-5 years of operation.
  • Ensured products and materials align with industry best practice and reasonably optimised longevity.
  • Ensured all documentation was completed, providing the required level of detail.

This will likely lead to considerable savings and long-term benefits through improved construction of the services, operability and maintainability, and increasing the lifespan of plant and equipment.